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    The latest news releases and important information from Zachary Fire/Rescue

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    Cooking brings family and friends together, provides an outlet for creativity and can be relaxing. But did you know that cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home injuries? By following a few safety tips you can prevent these fires.

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    Candles are pretty to look at, but could pose risks if used improperly in the home. Use these tips to keep your family safe.

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    Smoke alarms are an important part of a home fire escape plan. When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast. Working smoke alarms give you early warning so you can get outside quickly.

Mission Statement

The men and women of the Zachary Fire / Rescue Department are committed to protecting the citizens of our community from the perils of fire, medical emergencies and other emergencies through progressive training, emergency response, prevention, education and community involvement.

Station Events

Information about scheduling station events and tours



Station 81

4525 Main St.
P.O. Box 310
Zachary, La. 70791
ph: 225-654-0026, fax: 225-654-1914


Station 82

2550 Flonacher Rd.
Zachary, La. 70791
ph: 225-654-1936, fax: 225-570-4618

Zachary Fire Department is taking applications for Volunteers.  Please see the below application, fax or drop it off at the Main St. Station.


The Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteer Firefighters are a breed unto themselves.
Whoever heard of a person who is willing to be on twenty-four hour duty without pay for the dubious privilege of protecting their neighbor’s property?
Whoever heard of a person who will dash from their desk and ride a “fire wagon” to the scene of the alarm ruining their suit, neglecting their business, risking their life and exhausting
themselves physically, not for money but because they believe
in serving their community.
Whoever heard of a person who will give up their favorite TV
show, postpone some reading or some “do it yourself” house
chores they’ve been planning (plus sacrifice their evenings
with their family) just to attend a meeting where they learn
how to function as a volunteer servant on behalf of their
fellow man?
Whoever heard (in this day and age) of a person who is crazy
enough to be worrying about the other fellows?
Well, if you don’t know the answer to those questions, look
around our firehouse.
You’ll see people who aren’t out protesting and complaining
because they’re too busy living up to the image of a good
You’ll see people just like yourself who care what happens to their neighbors and their community and their country.

Do you really think you have what it takes?

Do you think you can take the challenge?

Do you think you can take the pressure?

Do you think you can take the heat?

The real question is are you ready?

Here’s Everything You Need To Join Our Huge Family

Zachary Volunteer Firefighters take pride in our organization and strive to give our community the best possible in fire service. Our Volunteers are trained by LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute year round and are "Committed To Service".

Receive all the training you need through us!

Firefighter I
First Responder
Vehicle Rescue
Rope Rescue
Fire Investigation
Become a member today!

Must be 18 years or older. Under 18? Become a Junior Fireman